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At Pacific Studio, we had the privilege of partnering with the Inclusion Foundation and DeakinCo and esteemed employers such as JB Hi-fi and PWC to deliver the impactful training program called Impact21. This comprehensive eLearning curriculum was designed to foster a deeper understanding and engagement with individuals with Down syndrome and intellectual disabilities. Our collaboration resulted in a unique employer-driven program that equips participants with industry-relevant skills, confidence, independence, and social connection. Through engaging case studies, interviews, practical tips, and training, we provided managers and employees with invaluable insights on effective communication, task management, and feedback strategies. By creating an inclusive environment and offering on-the-job work experiences, we paved the way for young adults living with Down syndrome and intellectual disabilities to transition into the workforce as employees with ongoing support and professional development. Impact21 opens doors to meaningful and matched employment, fostering inclusive workplaces and transforming lives.

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