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The Great Forest National Park, Victoria

With its awe-inspiring landscapes and rich biodiversity, the Central Highlands of Victoria holds a precious gem: the Great Forest National Park. Nestled just 60 kilometers northeast of Melbourne, this extraordinary region is home to the majestic Mountain Ash, the tallest flowering plant in the world, and the critically endangered Leadbeater’s Possum. However, the park’s delicate ecosystem faces constant threats from clearfell logging and wildfires. Recognizing the urgent need for protection, Pacific Studio has collaborated closely with Professor David Lindenmayer AO and his team to create compelling content for the Great Forest National Park campaign. Our partnership has involved the production of captivating animations and videos, as well as the development of graphic design materials for online and print platforms. Additionally, we recently revamped the park’s website, which now features a comprehensive directory showcasing the central highlands’ remarkable destinations and attractions.

The biggest names in conservation

give their endorsements for the park

As part of our collaboration with the Great Forest National Park campaign, Pacific Studio had the privilege of capturing the park’s breathtaking beauty through immersive video content. Combining stunning footage of the Central Highlands’ pristine forests with captivating animations, our videos serve as a powerful visual narrative, highlighting the urgent need for conservation and the remarkable species that call this region home. With every frame, we aimed to inspire viewers to join the cause, to stand up for the protection of these precious forests, and to ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.

A window to a natural wonderland

The development of the Great Forest National Park website

The newly redesigned website for the Great Forest National Park offers visitors a gateway to explore the wonders of the central highlands of Victoria. Our dedicated team at Pacific Studio meticulously crafted a visually striking and user-friendly website that showcases the park’s diverse attractions and provides essential information for visitors. Through compelling imagery, engaging narratives, and an intuitive interface, we invite individuals to embark on a virtual journey through the Great Forest National Park. Discover the captivating trails, observe rare wildlife, and learn about the vital conservation efforts underway. The website serves as a vital resource, empowering individuals to connect with the park’s mission and take action to preserve this natural treasure for future generations.

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