Delivering for Australian Dairy

Bringing the stories of family dairy farmers to life

Dairy Australia, the national body for the dairy industry and a key research and development corporation (RDC), plays a vital role in supporting and advancing the Australian dairy sector. At Pacific Studio, we have had the privilege of collaborating with Dairy Australia on several impactful campaigns, harnessing the power of visual storytelling to communicate their important initiatives and connect with audiences across various platforms.

Throughout our collaboration with Dairy Australia, we have demonstrated our expertise in photography, videography, motion graphics, and project management. Our team has expertly captured stunning imagery of dairy farms, conducted insightful interviews, and crafted visually captivating videos that effectively communicate Dairy Australia’s messages. From national stakeholder communications to local outreach efforts, we successfully managed complex projects and delivered a remarkable collection of nearly fifty videos within a condensed timeframe.

At Pacific Studio, we take immense pride in our partnership with Dairy Australia and our contributions to the growth and success of the Australian dairy industry. Through our unwavering commitment to quality, creativity, and impactful storytelling, we continue to empower Dairy Australia to reach new heights and engage audiences across the nation.

Our Farm Our Plan

Capturing the Spirit of Family Dairy Farmers

Under the banner of “Our Farm Our Plan,” we embarked on a journey to highlight the stories of dedicated family dairy farmers. Through a carefully crafted mix of interviews, captivating drone footage showcasing their picturesque farms, and meticulously designed rotoscoped hand-drawn illustrations, we brought their vision for the future to life. This combination of mediums evoked inspiration and demonstrated the passion these farmers possess for their craft.

The Farmer Ambassador Program

Amplifying Young Voices in Dairy

To encourage aspiring individuals to pursue a career in the dairy industry, Dairy Australia’s “Farmer Ambassador Program” sheds light on the stories of young dairy farmers. We captured their journeys, experiences, and aspirations through compelling videos that showcased the vibrant and rewarding aspects of a dairy farming career. By amplifying these voices, we inspired others to consider joining the industry and contributed to its future growth.

DairyBio and DairyFeedbase

Pioneering Agritechnology for Enhanced Milk Production

Our involvement with Dairy Australia’s groundbreaking initiatives, DairyBio and DairyFeedbase, has been instrumental in communicating their research and innovation efforts. DairyBio focuses on mapping the genetic traits of bulls to assist farmers in making informed breeding decisions, while DairyFeedbase aims to optimise ryegrass varieties suited to Australia’s diverse climates for maximum energy output in milk production. Through visually engaging videos and targeted messaging, we helped showcase the tremendous potential and benefits these agritechnology advancements bring to the dairy industry.

Delivering for Dairy

Showcasing the Impact of Dairy Services Levy Investments

As part of our collaboration with Dairy Australia, we embarked on a remarkable video series titled “Delivering for Dairy.” This comprehensive project aimed to provide transparent insights into how the dairy services levy funds were invested, highlighting the significant impact and support it brought to the Australian dairy industry. With a blend of captivating footage, dynamic illustrations, eye-catching animations, and region-specific statistics, we created a compelling narrative that resonated with stakeholders nationwide.

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