Delivering Comprehensive COVID-19 Training Solutions

Building Resilient Work Environments through Education

Pacific Studio collaborated with industry leaders, including DeakinCo, AI Group, and the Institute of Workplace Training, to develop a cutting-edge training program called the Occupational COVID-19 Workplace Training Scheme. As the world faced the challenges posed by the post-COVID-19 pandemic era, we played a pivotal role in equipping employees and managers with the essential knowledge and skills to effectively combat the transmission of the virus. Through a combination of engaging animated training modules and real-life case studies, we delivered up-to-date and comprehensive education on infectious disease management. Our collaborative effort ensured that workplaces across various industries were empowered with the necessary tools and strategies to establish and maintain COVID-safe environments. By addressing crucial topics such as prevention measures, hygiene protocols, and workplace safety guidelines, we aimed to instil confidence and resilience in organisations, enabling them to navigate the evolving landscape with a strong commitment to health and safety.

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