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At Pacific Studio we embark on a creative journey like no other. With over a decade of working seamlessly as a team, we have honed our craft and delivered exceptional results across a diverse range of clients. From the smallest start-ups to government bodies and multinational corporations, we bring our expertise to every project we undertake. Just as we care deeply about every cup of coffee we savour (we are based in Melbourne after all), we extend that same level of seriousness and dedication to our clients. We approach our work with a meticulous focus on nuance and quality, understanding that every detail matters. As your trusted partner, we become your dedicated marketing and communications department, shouldering the responsibility of bringing your vision to life each and every time. From project management to production, design, and final handover, we handle every aspect in-house to ensure a seamless and cohesive experience. Our unwavering commitment to exceeding expectations and our passion for delivering exceptional quality align perfectly with your aspirations, enabling us to create compelling experiences that truly express your brand.

Our team

Michael Woods


Michael Woods, Director at Pacific Studio, boasts an impressive 17+ years of professional creative experience. Renowned for delivering iconic campaigns that resonate with audiences nationwide, Michael brings boundless exuberance to every aspect of his work. Whether it’s orchestrating pre-production, leading on-set production, or shaping the final product in post-production, his passion and expertise shine through. Recognised for his accomplishments, Michael is a distinguished Fellow of the CEO Institute, a member of the Australian Directors Guild, and a respected member of the Australian Cinematographers Society.

Anita Woods


Anita Woods, a skilled producer at Pacific Studio, expertly coordinates project management with a keen focus on understanding clients’ briefs and needs. With a background in marketing, she recognises the significance of delivering key messages. Whether it’s engaging with clients to refine scripts in the pre-production phase, guiding the crew onsite, or overseeing post-production, Anita’s meticulous attention to detail ensures the flawless execution of a client’s vision. Her ability to grasp the essence of each project and align it with client expectations makes her an invaluable asset, guaranteeing the seamless delivery of exceptional results.

Michael "Bench" Debevec

Creative Director

Michael “Bench” Debevec, the Creative Director at Pacific Studio, brings more than 18 years of professional expertise in graphic design, animation, website development, and video post-production. Renowned for his creative genius, Bench possesses a remarkable ability to infuse flair into every media production he undertakes. As the lead animator, designer, and website developer, he crafts visually stunning creative that captivates audiences. With his wealth of experience and hands-on approach, Bench elevates every project to new heights of visual excellence.

James Brereton

Director of Photography

With over 16 years of experience as a professional filmmaker and photographer, James Brereton, the Director of Photography at Pacific Studio, has honed his craft with a strong emphasis on technical production and cinematography. Beyond his exceptional skills, James’s warm and friendly demeanour sets him apart. Known for his amiable nature, he creates a positive and enjoyable atmosphere on every set he works on. Whether behind the camera or collaborating with clients and crew, James’s affable personality shines through, making him an absolute pleasure to work with.

Liam Sieker


Liam’s passion for photography led him to pursue it professionally after completing high school, and it has been an integral part of his adult life ever since. With a can-do attitude and an innate positivity that cannot help but shine though, he quickly expanded his skills to encompass video production. Serving as the second camera operator on set, Liam brings with him exceptional lighting expertise, a crucial element for creating captivating photographs and videos. When he’s not behind the camera, Liam utilises his photography talents to skilfully edit the captured images. His versatility ensures that every project he touches is infused with his keen eye for visual storytelling.

Leah Lee

Offline Editor

Leah Lee, our talented Offline Editor at Pacific Studio, brings a wealth of expertise in post-production workflows and video editing. With a Bachelor of Media and Communications from RMIT, Leah’s keen eye for detail and technical finesse ensures seamless and captivating storytelling in every project. As an integral member of our team, Leah’s exceptional editing skills play a pivotal role in delivering high-quality video productions. Her dedication and focus on how we can deliver the best outcomes through our processes and workflows make her an invaluable asset to our creative endeavours.

Josh Tusjak

Designer (Casual)

Josh Tusjak, a seasoned designer and illustrator, has been an integral part of our team for 15 years, bringing his exceptional talent to every project. With a diverse skill set spanning illustrations and graphic design across both digital and print mediums, Josh consistently delivers outstanding work. From the smallest assets to the grandest exhibition signage, his focus and eye for detail ensures flawless execution. Josh’s creative flair shines through his hand-drawn art, adding a unique and captivating touch to every piece. With his wealth of experience and commitment to quality, Josh continues to empower our team, contributing on major projects with focus and vision.

Abi Trewartha

Designer (Casual)

Abi Trewartha is a multi-talented creative with a passion for graphic design, photography, and vibrant artistic expressions. Originally from Bendigo, she ventured to Melbourne to pursue a Bachelor of Communication Design at RMIT University. Since graduating, Abi thrives in keeping the creative energy flowing by travelling the world and contributing on major projects. Her expertise lies in line-art illustrations and captivating portrait photography, enriching any project she works on with her unique creative flair. A capable artist, she has always been eager to explore new artistic endeavours, blending traditional art with digital art to create stunning creative pieces.

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